Past Activity

We invest in companies that tackle sustainability and ageing society problems.


Renewable PPA Platform
United Kingdom

Founded in 2018, Energy technology company Zeigo has developed a platform that connects corporate energy buyers with renewable energy suppliers and generators. Using the accessibility of data, a global marketplace and practical resources to create a more transparent market.

Renewable O&M Software
United Kingdom

Founded in 2013, Sennen Tech provides an integrated asset management system for multiple renewable assets including wind, solar and anaerobic digestion. It’s technology is deployed by leading renewable assets operators including one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

Fusion Power
United States

Founded in 1998, TAE Technologies is on the path to developing commercial fusion energy – a new source of clean energy. Its solution (an advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration approach) promises to be clean, compact, affordable with no harmful byproducts or risk of meltdown.

Predictive Maintenance Software for Renewables

Founded in 2019, i4SEE TECH helps owners and operators of renewable energy assets to reduce O&M costs and maximise output. Using existing operational data, future failures are predicted and actionable recommendations are provided concerning inspection, repair and optimisation.


Food Sharing App

Founded in 2015, CoCooking is the developer/operator of the food sharing app TABETE. The app, targeting the Japanese market, matches surplus food at restaurants with consumers looking for reasonable and/or eco-friendly choices.

Water Treatment Equipment
United Kingdom

Founded in 2017, WASE accelerates the global adoption of circular waste treatment through affordable and accessible innovation. It unlocks the power of waste: the everyday sustainable source of water, energy and fertilisers enabling communities to flourish.

Soil Probiotics (Carbon Capture) & Biosurfactants
United States

Locus provides bioproducts as an alternative to chemicals, using non-GMO, environment-friendly and mainly food-grade microorganisms. Its soil probiotics improve carbon deposition and plant productivity.


Biodegradable Plastic

Founded in 2016, Genecis is a biotechnology startup that develops technology to produce biodegradable plastic (PHA) from organic waste, as a lower cost option to PHAs manufactured from food crops such as corn and sugarcane.

Solar PV Efficiency Improvement
United Kingdom

Founded in 2018, Lambda Energy is an early stage R&D start-up that develops spectral converters for boosting the power output of solar panels. Its active coating increases the power output of solar panels whilst increasing their lifetime.

Cellular Agriculture

A life science Japanese startup founded in 2015 – it aims to commercialize cellular agriculture products such as meat and cosmetics with “CulNet System”, their unique general-purpose large-scale cell culture system.




Smart Ventilation
United Kingdom

Founded in 2016, U-Floor Technologies developed a patent-pending smart ventilation control, AirEx, to combat fuel poverty. AirEx has been approved by Ofgem as one of only a handful of innovative energy efficiency system providers under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 3 scheme for its IoT-enabled smart ventilation control system.

Vertical Farming
United Kingdom

Zero Carbon Food t/a Growing Underground builds controlled-environment farms that grow a range of natural products, without any environmental impact (i.e no pesticides, reduced food miles), and supplies hyper-local fresh produce into the UK’s major retail and food service customers.


Digital Health Assessments
United Kingdom

Founded in 2016, LiveSmart provides digital health assessment for corporate & insurance businesses (B2B model), offered either physically or remotely through the LiveSmart app. The in-house technology enables a more comprehensive, affordable, and effective solution at delivering health improvements compared to traditional solutions.

Remote Health Monitoring
United Kingdom

Founded in 2017, Living With is a digital health company, with a SaaS, condition management platform, that can be configured to manage any patient with any condition. The platform consists of an app for patients, a clinician portal to monitor that patient and support faster interventions, and a 3rd party dashboard for the management of multiple clinics and to access to aggregated and anonymised data.


Flood Control
United Kingdom

StormHarvester links civil infrastructure to a weather forecasting platform. This allows civil infrastructure to take action prior to heavy rainfall. It creates ‘smart’ attenuation tanks which can be kept full between storm events and used for both flood prevention and rainwater harvesting, reducing water demand and capital costs.


Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Started in 2017, Ethical Angel is a technology company that provides businesses with a personalised experiential learning solution for their employees. It works by packaging the needs of global charities, NGOs, social enterprises and other non-profit “causes” and matching them with profiled employees.

Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Established in 2017, Thrift+ aims to make use of technology to elevate the charity retail sector. It works by helping donors market and sell their unwanted belongings and diverting the proceeds to charitable causes.


Performance Monitoring
United States

Founded in 2016, Strive provides a performance monitoring system that uses patented prescriptive analytics to interpret data from unique sensors integrated into existing clothing to predict and prevent injuries. Their clients include sports teams, the U.S. military, and physical therapy clinics. Their solutions within healthcare allow for remote patient monitoring and expedited recovery, while the anonymized data collected could be monetized.