Venture Capital – Past Investments

We invest in companies that tackle sustainability and ageing society problems.



Renewable PPA Platform
United Kingdom

Founded in 2018, Energy technology company Zeigo has developed a platform that connects corporate energy buyers with renewable energy suppliers and generators. Using the accessibility of data, a global marketplace and practical resources to create a more transparent market.

Renewable O&M Software
United Kingdom

Founded in 2013, Sennen Tech provides an integrated asset management system for multiple renewable assets including wind, solar and anaerobic digestion. It’s technology is deployed by leading renewable assets operators including one of the world’s largest offshore wind farms.

Fusion Power
United States

Founded in 1998, TAE Technologies is on the path to developing commercial fusion energy – a new source of clean energy. Its solution (an advanced beam-driven field-reversed configuration approach) promises to be clean, compact, affordable with no harmful byproducts or risk of meltdown.

Predictive Maintenance Software for Renewables

Founded in 2019, i4SEE TECH helps owners and operators of renewable energy assets to reduce O&M costs and maximise output. Using existing operational data, future failures are predicted and actionable recommendations are provided concerning inspection, repair and optimisation.

Flex Trading Platform
United Kingdom

Founded in 2013, Piclo has developed a leading energy flexibility trading platform. Piclo Flex is an independent, online marketplace that enables network operators to procure flexibility services that help balance the grid. Since 2019, Piclo has developed commercial partnerships with distribution network operators in the UK and is expanding the platform into new markets and internationally.

Offshore Survey
United Kingdom

Founded in 2015, Rovco is a pioneer in offshore robotics and hydrographic survey, combining industry-leading expertise with award-winning advancements in vision, data and autonomous technology. The company enables businesses to harness the power of data and robotics in industrial applications, offering safe, sustainable, and cost-efficient survey, construction, repair, and decommissioning services to the offshore wind clean energy sector. Rovco will continue to disrupt the sector with cutting-edge technology, to support automation and decarbonisation strategies.

United States

Ecolectro develops AEM (alkaline exchange materials) technology to replace perfluorosulfonic acid polymers-based PEM (proton exchange membrane) and precious metals (like platinum and iridium) in green hydrogen generation equipment and fuel cells. Replacing PFSA materials and precious metals will not only be environmentally cleaner, but also make their applications less expensive, scalable and cost competitive.


Soil Probiotics (Carbon Capture) & Biosurfactants
United States

Locus provides bioproducts as an alternative to chemicals, using non-GMO, environment-friendly and mainly food-grade microorganisms. Its soil probiotics improve carbon deposition and plant productivity.

Drone-based Emission Monitoring
United States

Founded in 2016, Sniffer Robotics developed an unmanned aerial system (UAS) for detecting methane leaks over land-based applications. The system provides industry leading precision and accuracy for detecting methane leak sources, with the ability to estimate fugitive gas emissions over the land area. It is the first and only drone-based approach for monitoring methane emissions approved by the US EPA. Sniffer’s system is safer, more efficient, and more effective of detecting methane emissions than the traditional manual method.


Food Sharing App

Founded in 2015, CoCooking is the developer/operator of the food sharing app TABETE. The app, targeting the Japanese market, matches surplus food at restaurants with consumers looking for reasonable and/or eco-friendly choices.

Water Treatment Equipment
United Kingdom

Founded in 2017, WASE accelerates the global adoption of circular waste treatment through affordable and accessible innovation. It unlocks the power of waste: the everyday sustainable source of water, energy and fertilisers enabling communities to flourish.

Plastic Traceability Platform

Founded in 2016, Circularise develops traceability software that digitises and traces materials across complex supply chains on a public blockchain without risking confidentiality.

Circularise works with global leading players including Porsche, Covestro, DOMO, Borealis, Marubeni and Arçelik


Biodegradable Plastic

Founded in 2016, Genecis is a biotechnology startup that develops technology to produce biodegradable plastic (PHA) from organic waste, as a lower cost option to PHAs manufactured from food crops such as corn and sugarcane.

Solar PV Efficiency Improvement
United Kingdom

Founded in 2018, Lambda Energy is an early stage R&D start-up that develops spectral converters for boosting the power output of solar panels. Its active coating increases the power output of solar panels whilst increasing their lifetime.

Cellular Agriculture

A life science Japanese startup founded in 2015 – it aims to commercialize cellular agriculture products such as meat and cosmetics with “CulNet System”, their unique general-purpose large-scale cell culture system.

Organic Fertilizer
United States

Founded in 2017, TrueAlgae manufactures a cost-effective, organic liquid soil booster through a proprietary closed-loop production system. This product, TrueSolum, improves soil health leading to increased crop yield, reduction in chemical fertilizers, prolonged fresh produce shelf life and, also, may contribute to fewer greenhouse gas emissions. The need for natural and organic agricultural inputs has been increasing rapidly and TrueAlgae is in a unique position to benefit from the trend.




Smart Ventilation
United Kingdom

Founded in 2016, U-Floor Technologies developed a patent-pending smart ventilation control, AirEx, to combat fuel poverty. AirEx has been approved by Ofgem as one of only a handful of innovative energy efficiency system providers under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) 3 scheme for its IoT-enabled smart ventilation control system.



Vertical Farming
United Kingdom

Zero Carbon Food t/a Growing Underground builds controlled-environment farms that grow a range of natural products, without any environmental impact (i.e no pesticides, reduced food miles), and supplies hyper-local fresh produce into the UK’s major retail and food service customers.



Predictive AI
United Kingdom

Founded by ex-Googlers, Phaidra allows companies to deploy AI to run their industrial processes more efficiently. The founders previously led Google DeepMind’s climate efforts, helping to reduce data center cooling energy usage by 40%. Phaidra’s CTO was one of the core engineers who helped to create Google’s AlphaGo algorithm. Phaidra has signed a multi-million dollar contract with a Fortune 100 pharma company and there are several contracts with Fortune 500 companies in the pipeline.



Advertising network/dashboard
United Kingdom

Founded in 2015, Drovo is the largest network of carbon-neutral out of home moving media in the UK. They provide advertisers with the ability to brand black taxis, commercial fleet vehicles, Electric Vehicles, and dynamic digital screens. Their real-time tracking dashboard allows brands to track every single vehicle in their campaigns, improve campaign planning, audience targeting and performance monitoring.


Flood Control
United Kingdom

StormHarvester links civil infrastructure to a weather forecasting platform. This allows civil infrastructure to take action prior to heavy rainfall. It creates ‘smart’ attenuation tanks which can be kept full between storm events and used for both flood prevention and rainwater harvesting, reducing water demand and capital costs.


Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Started in 2017, Ethical Angel is a technology company that provides businesses with a personalised experiential learning solution for their employees. It works by packaging the needs of global charities, NGOs, social enterprises and other non-profit “causes” and matching them with profiled employees.

Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Established in 2017, Thrift+ aims to make use of technology to elevate the charity retail sector. It works by helping donors market and sell their unwanted belongings and diverting the proceeds to charitable causes.

Mobile Software
United Kingdom

NewPath develops and provides a software solution that benefits key stakeholders within the smartphone ecosystem while helping to bring millions of people online. NewPath’s software is preloaded on smartphones and sold with a small upfront payment to lower income customers. The software incentivizes future payments from customers by reducing the phone functionality if instalments are missed. Newpath is working with a number of key stakeholders in Africa and other emerging markets.

Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

LuxDeco is the world’s leading luxury interiors platform which is transforming the way people design and shop for their homes. The company provides an enjoyable and seamless journey for consumers, from discovery to purchase, through customised suggestions, an unparalleled product offering and responsive customer service. LuxDeco is committed to using Caygan’s investment to develop and promote brands that employ socially responsible practices, and products that are made using environmentally friendly materials.

Financial Education

Gimi is an educational app that teaches children and young adults about money and enables them to develop Financial Superskills for life. As societies increasingly embrace cashless transactions, monetary education has to adapt to match these changing realities. Gimi’s award-winning app works with parents to help their children keep track of their pocket money, earn their own money, and reach their dreams. When deemed ready to make financial decisions, the children can independently shop online and in stores with the Gimi Card, under the supervision of their parents.


Healthy Beverages
United Kingdom

Raylex Brands is a UK-based manufacturer of plant based beverages looking to disrupt the UK soft drinks sector with better for you beverages. They service ~4,000 retail locations across UK and Europe, including Sainsbury, Waitrose, and Costco. As a condition for investment, Raylex Brands will try to transition its products to incorporate more sustainable packaging materials, and to promote recycling behavior among its customers. These conditions represent a new way in which the VC industry can promote a sustainable future.

Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Founded in 2016, Good Sixty operates an online marketplace that enables consumers to shop from multiple independent retailers with a single check out and a single delivery. Their deliveries are done by their (or their partners’) eco-friendly cargo bikes or electric vans. Good Sixty is the official online and logistics partner for London’s Borough Market, one of the biggest and oldest food markets in Europe..

Ageing Society



Digital Health Assessments
United Kingdom

Founded in 2016, LiveSmart provides digital health assessment for corporate & insurance businesses (B2B model), offered either physically or remotely through the LiveSmart app. The in-house technology enables a more comprehensive, affordable, and effective solution at delivering health improvements compared to traditional solutions.


Remote Health Monitoring
United Kingdom

Founded in 2017, Living With is a digital health company, with a SaaS, condition management platform, that can be configured to manage any patient with any condition. The platform consists of an app for patients, a clinician portal to monitor that patient and support faster interventions, and a 3rd party dashboard for the management of multiple clinics and to access to aggregated and anonymised data.

Patient Database
United Kingdom

Founded in 2012, PatientSource provides a cloud based EPR (Electronic Patient Record) solution. Designed and built by ER clinician and Co-Founder Dr. Michael Brooks, its UI/UX is adapted for actual clinical use. The cloud based solution allows for international use as evidenced by strong sales pipelines in the Middle East. The system, via APIs, integrates efficiently with other patient data systems. PatientSource also provides humanitarian support to the International Organization for Women and Development.

Medical Product
United States

 KitoTech Medical was spun out of the University of Washington in 2013 to develop medical products based on its proprietary Microstaple Technology Platform. Using the technology, they developed a novel wound closure product, microMend, that is an attractive alternative to medical staples and sutures. The product is being sold to primary and secondary care facilities, and has also been available over the counter to serve customers wishing to self-treat serious cuts without having to visit medical facilities during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Predictive Data Science
United Kingdom

RW Health (Draper & Dash) provides AI & Machine Learning Predictive Data Science Platform (DSP) for Healthcare Providers such as hospitals and clinics delivered using the SaaS model. Their solution enables healthcare providers to achieve cost savings and improve patient outcomes. They also provides solutions to global pharma companies using their healthcare provider client base, which helps pharma companies address patient needs more effectively.

Medical Diagnostics
United States

Avails is a medical diagnostics company dedicated to developing technologies and products to tackle issues around antibiotic resistance. Avails products provide rapid and low cost infectious disease diagnostic solutions for diseases such as Sepsis. Their solution identifies antibiotic resistance of the pathogens by measuring their metabolites. The company is expecting to file for its first product clearance in 2021. Avails has recently won the prestigious Carb-X grant.


Digital Community

Medisetter is a medtech venture that builds digital communities for physicians in developing economies, starting with Vietnam. Through its interactive community platforms, Medisetter enables the professional development and continuing education of physicians by helping them stay updated on their practice knowledge and networking with peers. For pharmaceutical and device companies, Medisetter provides a digital platform to engage physicians for brand-building, e-detailing and research purposes in a non-intrusive and ethical manner.

Predictive Analysis

Founded in 2021, M Co., Ltd. offers “MVision brain” and “MVision health”, software solutions which analyse MRI images to determine the risk of a patient developing dementia. These solutions were developed using Johns Hopkins University’s technology and continue to improve having already been fed over 30,000 individuals’ MRI data. Early detection and lifestyle improvements have been identified as key aspects for dementia control and the demand for M’s solutions have grown rapidly.


Performance Monitoring
United States

Founded in 2016, Strive provides a performance monitoring system that uses patented prescriptive analytics to interpret data from unique sensors integrated into existing clothing to predict and prevent injuries. Their clients include sports teams, the U.S. military, and physical therapy clinics. Their solutions within healthcare allow for remote patient monitoring and expedited recovery, while the anonymized data collected could be monetized.


Virtual Marketplace
United Kingdom

Established in 2018, Good Life Sorted (What Matters Now Limited) operates an online marketplace connecting elderly people and their families with local, vetted helpers who provide paid home help services.  Their services include shopping and errands, cleaning, welfare checks, companionship, dog walking, meal preparation, medications reminders, trips out, hospital discharge support and more.  Good Life Sorted, provides a cost effective option for the elderly compared to traditional home care agencies. Helpers too can maximize their idle time and earn extra income.

Hearing Enhancement

SoundFun produces its Mirai Speaker, which utilizes their patent protected Curved Sound technology. Mirai Speaker is designed mainly for people with hearing impairment, and it enables them to hear sounds from devices such as televisions clearly without the need to increase the volume. The demand for Mirai Speakers is expected to grow substantially in line with the ageing population all over the world.